The Process of discovering potential Candidate.

Requirement Gathering

Requirements gathering sounds like common sense, but surprisingly, it's an area that is given far too little attention. It’s a initial but most important phase of RPO to collect the requirements. Our Experienced recruiters spend their time in requirement gathering so that exact match can be found as soon as possible.

Initial Screening CV’s:

Our Dedicated recruiters will carefully sift through all the resumes and screen for the best resumes as per your specifications and present you those who match very close to your requirements. Our resume screening service is inexpensive.

Confirmation & Negotiations:

Our recruiters will make a candidate interested in the position and ultimately accept the confirmation from them also negotiating with them which can be possible to a level of extent, by proving them the best Pay Rates.

Resume Formatting

The ideal resume format will vary with the work history and experience of the job seeker. The best resume format to use is one that will produce the best marketing results, as evidenced by hiring companies approaching the applicant to schedule a job interview. Our Recruiters are experts in formatting the resume if required.

Interview Briefing:

Our Dedicated Recruiters take interview via telephone or over Skype. A basic questionnaire will present in front of them so that a good match can be found. They explain about the position that will going to be offered by the client with the matched skill sets. Also explaining the other benefits & future Scope.

Placing Right Candidate:

After performing all above steps the outcome will come as per requirements because Selection and on-boarding are critical components to ensuring employee satisfaction and productivity. Hiring the right person for the right job in the right culture will save on training costs, reduce turnover, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

We offer great service for our customers.

Respond to Clients as Soon as Possible, Keep Clients Updated, Go the Extra Mile, Keep Your Promises.

Assured & Excellent Results in your Recruitment

In the offshore recruitment process outsourcing industry, results matter first. We deliver visible results that take you steadily towards your goal. We do this by partnering with you, understanding your needs and approaches, and delivering smart solutions. Our qualified and experienced team of virtual offshore sources, recruiters, business development managers, and job search agents are dedicated towards meeting your specific challenges in a collaborative environment. Their meticulousness, knowledge, and motivation ensure that they deliver the best.